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Electric Shaft Cut Machine

Any smart invention can be improved: Dema presents the Electric “ShaftCut” Machine

The notching process is one of the cheapest methods to grant the interference between shaft and lamination stack and / or shaft  and commutator. Dema has designed and developed a machine whose name is “E-ShaftCut” that could be stand-alone or integrated in line. This machine is a full automatic station for cutting rotor shafts by an electric press.

The main purpose is to guaranty a high repeatability of shaft / lamination stack and of shaft / commutator coupling process.

The use of the electric press increases the process stability; when the coupling changes due to the components tolerance variations the machine reacts automatically.

This big advantage has to be added to the other advantages of the basic hydraulic machine: cheaper shaft cost and reduction of the scrap armatures produced.

The final result on using the E-ShaftCut Machine is to guaranty process quality, high reliability and easy configuration and setting.

Please, ask us more about “E-ShaftCut” Machine!

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