Cooperation between Dema and Siemens: the New "Dema Testing Machine" for Quality Control of Automotive Rotors

We are pleased to announce the cooperation between Dema and Siemens for the creation of the "Dema Testing Machine," an innovative machine designed to perform quality tests on electric motor rotors in the automotive sector. This advanced control system has been developed with the aim of improving the efficiency and reliability of verification processes and of ensuring superior performance.

The "Dema Testing Machine" consists of three control stations, each with a specific function:

First Station: Pressure Height Control This station is dedicated to check the rotor height under pressure. Unlike previous models, there is no load cell; the motor itself sends information directly to the system. This approach eliminates the need for additional components, making the machine more reliable and robust. It reduces also the likelihood of failures and increases resistance to harsh environmental conditions. Sending data directly from the motor simplifies the system and improves the overall speed and dynamic response of the station.

Second Station: Slot Inspection with AI The second station is equipped with an artificial intelligence camera for the inspection of the rotor slots. This system is easily adaptable to customer needs and detects anomalies while maintaining excellent performance even in variable environmental conditions that would normally compromise results and cause false rejects. Artificial intelligence ensures control is less sensitive to environmental conditions. This increases the reliability of the verification process. Another significant advantage of this system is its flexibility and readiness to quickly adapt to new requirements.

Third Station: Mechanical Slot Control and Gauge Wear Verification The third station performs dimensional control of the slots and measures the state of wear of the gauges during the use, thanks to data acquired from the motor. This system facilitates preventive maintenance scheduling, reducing machine downtime, and improving inspection reliability by constantly monitoring the state of the gauges.

An additional value of the "Dema Testing Machine" is the creation of a digital twin, a virtual replica of the machine that makes possible to simulate its behaviour in a virtual environment. This tool is important to anticipate the planned operations and the adjustments during the design phase or in case of function anomalies. It accelerates also the development cycle and reduces the costs.

Thanks to this cooperation, Dema and Siemens have redefined the standards of quality and reliability in the control of electric motor rotors for the automotive sector, offering cutting-edge solutions to meet the growing market demands.

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