Over 70 years of Dema

Our tailor-made approach, developed and consolidated during years of experience, allows us to always focus on the Customers' goals and find the best solution for their needs. We develop, build, commission, and install our successful machines all over the world with very high quality and precision standards.


Consulting and support

Our eyes and our ears on the world. Our sales employees take our Customers by the hand and they lead to reach their goals by offering all the needed support in english, french, german and spanish. Moreover, they guarantee after-sale assistance from remote in cooperation with our technicians.


Projects and solutions

The company's technical and creative mind can develop Customers' needs giving birth to customized solutions. Our programmers define electric and electronic devices and write machines' software, researching and developing technical solutions by customizing them for every different project.


Technology craftsmen

Hands and arms always moving. It's here that our specialists take care of mechanical components production, machine assembling, and fine-tuning. The accurate construction is the merit of our trained and high specialized technicians.


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Said by our team

Head of Production
" The thing which I like most about my job is to follow the projects in their entirety: from the sketch needed to make the offer to the Customer to the machine delivery. When I was a kid, my favorite games were Meccano and Lego constructions: doing my job I can "play" big! "
Head of Automation Dept
" Working for Dema means getting professional growth, improving in problem-solving, and to be quick and proactive in handling unexpected events. I work in contact with many young guys, and a great value for me is to transfer competencies and passion and to see them grow. "
Sales Dept
" I like to call myself the human interface of the Company in a world of machines. I love and speak many languages and it's awesome to have the possibility to be daily in contact with our Customers all over the world. "
Head of Accounting Dept
" I handle the financial process: here I have the extraordinary possibility to see concretely built and moving what was only a technical fantasy. This is extremely stimulating for me as I think that this Company is also stimulating from the human point of view. The person comes before the employee and it's for me the difference between working and living. "
Head of the Technical Dept
" It's always a new job, no monotony or dead times. You don't stop learning and you get involved on every project. It's a job where making a mistake is possible but it's a job that permits you to find remedies and solutions to learn from mistakes. It's a no-stop ideas and information exchange with colleagues, suppliers and Customers that enriches me day after day. "
Head of Purchasing Dept
" Dema is a very stimulating place made by a team of close-knit people that contribute to increase the enthusiasm I feel for my job and it makes me happy in the morning when I wake up ad I must go to work. "

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