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Special solutions for unique outcomes

Our solid experience and know-how in the automation sector of the electric motor field allow us to detect improvable situations and transform them into unique opportunities in terms of quality and performance for our customers.

Our patents are born as an answer to specific needs and make Dema become a reference point also for its capacity to invent solutions never seen before.

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Special solutions for unique outcomes

Last patented solutions



Automatic selection system for big dimensions laminations.



Innovative production technology for rotor and stator stacks.



Automatic stacking system, starting from segments of every form or dimension.

To the origin of our patents

Sales Dept
June 2021
" From the daily dialogue with our customers, we have noticed specific needs to improve the features of the polar expansions of the stack. We have thought about the union of 2 solutions that were already separately wide tested: welding and gluing. We have promptly worked and developed DDLock for offering more solutions that can improve the performance concretely. "
Technical Dept
July 2021
" We have realized that a part of an already developed solution could be the right way to avoid a recurring defect on stator stacks: the spoke sensitivity of the extremities laminations. So we have adapted and developed this new system and invented different new solutions that have been afterward tested and implemented. "
Production Dept
September 2021
" We noticed since the first samples that DDLock guarantees excellent outcomes. We daily manipulate such stacks so we immediately realized that this solution is perfect to get unprecedented compactness, thanks to the hold of the stacks extremities. "

Do you have a process to automatize?

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