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Would you like to be supported by specialized technicians and engineers team for your relevant choices? Do you need to automatize your production process or define your future process in detail? Do you need to check the precise features of your stator or rotor stack? We can be your safe harbor thanks to our special services.

What we offer you

Tailor-made services

We put in place all our competences to help you find the right answers to all your questions.

Dema SAAS  Stack Assembly Advice Service

Stack Assembly Advice Service

For your special needs, we offer a consulting service to help you define the ideal production process in detail or to improve the existing one with the most innovative technologies.

Dema SSP  Stacks Sampling Production

Dema SSP
Stacks Sampling Production

We offer you the possibility of simulating your production process to check the right performance in advance.You'll get finished samples to examine the technical features of your product.

Do you have a process to automatize?

We are eager to hear and discuss with you to find together the most suitable solution for your needs.

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