AR, a big Ally!

Speed, precision to detail

Augmented reality is the main character of our brand new project carried out with a start-up of the University of Savona. Its goal is to give an outstanding boost to the operators troubleshooting, by speeding up the identification of the mechanical parts and of the machine board wirings, down to the smallest detail.

Prompt component identification

This exclusive tool (app still in development) creates a digital reproduction of the entire line, that brings all the parts and board/sensors wirings handy, in a simple blink of an eye, by simply framing the line concerned part.

A precious ally for the operators

The operators will benefit from a dramatical time reduction for the troubleshooting, plus gaining the ability to find even the tiniest most hidden parts, avoiding the exhausting research on gargantuan maintenance manuals.


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Project Management/Art Direction: Pamela Lodolo | Graphic Design: Laura Caleca | Video: Marco Scotuzzi | Web Development: