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Over the years more and more companies around the world choose to rely on Dema competencies. For this reason, we have worked to guarantee a complete and effective teleassistance service that even from remote ensures you excellent results all over the world and is able to delete distances.
No matter where you are located, our technicians can supervise your machine performances thanks to special software, and they are able to participate in correcting any anomalies. Operating in this way we can rapidly solve most of the problems minimizing the costs for the Customers and avoiding stopping their productions. Dema, aware of the importance of offering fast service, suggests teleassistance packages that guarantee at the meantime interesting advantages from an economical point of view.
The daily work of our technicians, engaged on remote assistance interventions, has made us win a new great challenge that can witness the value that we give to that service.
During 2021 the first machine without onsite intervention has been installed overseas with attentive guidance from our mechanics and electronic experts. This machine, which has been projected in minimal detail in view of an installation from remote because of the anti-covid traveling restrictions, represents for us a big success and underlines not only technical but also organization competencies.
All this made possible for the Customer the start-up of an effective production without accumulating any delays in a difficult period.

To know more about our teleservice packages and to always be supported with resolutive intervention, contact our Sales Dept
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