Company transformation into S.p.A.

We hereby inform you that with effect from 14 March 2024 the corporate form and registered office have changed.

Therefore, the new denomination is:

Dema S.p.A

This is solely a change in the corporate form and registered office, from now on located in Milan, Via Monte Napoleone 8, without any impact on contractual and administrative/accounting relationships and leaving the other tax data such as all contact details and operational headquarters located in SAVONA, VIA LUIGI ANTONIO BASSO 60r unchanged.

We therefore ask you to update your registry as follows:

Company name: DEMA S.p.A.

Registered Office: Via Monte Napoleone 8 – 20121 Milano

Operational and Administrative Headquarters: VIA LUIGI ANTONIO BASSO 60r

 – 17100 SAVONA

VAT Number 01360120099

Tax Code 01360120099



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