Design, prototype, go!

The process you image is already in your hands.
Would you like to have definitive samples with a minimum investment?
Do you need to check the precise features of your stator or rotor stack?
We can be your safe harbor thanks to our special service.

Dema SSP serviceStacks Sampling Production – was born specifically for this purpose.
We can simulate your production process to check its effectiveness through an accurate analysis that you can perform directly on the product.
An interesting opportunity, especially for car makers, who will be able
to check all the specific features of the stack and test its performance
against a low investment.

We will simply prepare a suitable tooling for the kind of lamination that must be processed to produce the samples you need.
What's the added value of this service?
For example, the latest samples produced with laser welding technology,
have allowed our Customer to identify with utmost precision
the welding parameters and have a valuable indication of the production process that best suits their needs.

So, stop working just on an idea and touch with your hands the quality of your project. To find out in detail how we can support with your production, do not hesitate to contact our Sales Dept.
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