70 years of Dema automation

2022 might be just another year, but for us, it has a very special taste.

The taste of 70 years made of commitment, work, difficulties, sacrifice, and results.

But above all, the greatest satisfaction has been achieved thanks to the Dema Team and the dedication of those who have been part of it over time.

The trust of our historical customers and the enthusiasm of the new ones are signs that what we have long sown is bearing fruits, and that's thanks to all of you.

To all who have shaped a small reality, originally Sassi, to solid certainty for the most important manufacturers of electric motors in the world.

No secrets in this success story, it’s all in the open.

Our innovative solutions and exclusive technologies would not be successful without the people who, with synergy and passion, animate projects and everyday life in the company.

The heart we put into what we do still beats today in machines installed decades ago, keeping them alive and productive, our source and reason of great pride.

So, right now, like 70 years ago, let’s roll up our sleeves and let’s go hunting for a stack of new opportunities!
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