ELVIS - Educational Laparoscopy with Virtual Instructive Simulations and robotics

Elvis is an important project carried out by Dema in cooperation with the most relevant Ligurian companies operating in the technological field: Gruppo FOS spa, Nextage srl, Dema srl and Mectrotech srl), led by Prof. Marco Frascio as Scientific Director. The Elvis project, coordinated by EMAC srl, was first in the ranking of the 13 projects approved by Filse (Ligurian Financial for Economic Development) under the call for proposals POR FESR 2014-2020 - Axis 1 - Action 1.2.4, only full score among 96 proposals participating. The result of the project will be immediately usable on the territory of Genoa: an advanced simulator will be available at SimAv (Centre for Simulation and Advanced Training of the University of Genoa), to start innovative courses of surgical training. The commitment of all led to the development of a prototype for Educational Laparoscopy with Virtual Instructive Simulations and robotics, integrating innovative solutions and Artificial Intelligence.

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Project Management/Art Direction: Pamela Lodolo | Graphic Design: Laura Caleca | Video: Marco Scotuzzi | Web Development: webcelere.net