SALAG - Automatic stacking system for big diameter laminations

Automated, customized and increasingly performing solutions.
Dema has always developed new solutions to respond to concrete needs and recurring problems in particular processes. One of the most frequent drawbacks encountered is the deformation of large diameter laminations, during the stacking process.
Salag is the solution, patented by Dema, to make this type of operation safe and effective, keeping the stack of laminations aligned and allowing a large number of compensations to avoid possible defects in the stack height.
Always concerning the stacking process, in the past Dema was already specialized in the handling of small diameter laminations, having patented the system “Sassi Selection”.
Salag is currently the most used system for automatic stacking,
and for this reason, as always, we asked ourselves how we could further improve an already unique technology.
From Salag was born Fast Salag, the same technical outcomes with reduced cycle time to offer an important advantage in large production series.

If you are interested in finding out in details how the Salag system works and whether it could be suitable for your production, please contact our Team.
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