To inspect, or not to inspect, that is the question

Can you skip the inspections?
Yes, the inspections can be avoided if you are ready to take the risk to produce stacks with possible defects.

Can the inspection process be optional?
Sure. Those processes are not fundamental, but they identify any issues during the production, and they permit you to solve them obtaining the best results.

Are you a leader in the Electric Powertrain world?
Do you need a flawless product and the top performance in your rotors and stators production?
Contact us to find the ideal solution for all your production phases for your requirements.
We will help you to reach your goals thanks to our automatized inspection systems.
Dema stations can do mechanical checks (parallelism and perpendicularity, stack height measurement, slots geometry, internal and external diameters) by means of measuring devices or go/no go gauges.
Our machines can also do visual checks integrating vision systems to identify cosmetic defects or further slug marks.

Call our Sales Dept and discover in detail how our inspection systems can support your business.
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