Whatever the weather, Dema is ready for you

Raw materials are difficult to find, and rising costs, and longer lead times, represent a burning issue in this period. Dema knows the way to help you avoid sudden downpours.

Today more than ever, our tips could be precious to keep the sky clear and prevent unpredictable summer rains.
Thanks to Dema's recommended spare parts, you can have your special umbrella ready.

It’s always better to get in-stock all the suggested components that, sooner or later, you will necessarily have to replace for wear and routine maintenance or that require very long supply times.
You may keep the suggested spare parts for your machine at home and you don't need to worry for discontinuity.

This is our best solution for you to be ready to react as soon as necessary and you can as always count on our technical support.

So, think ahead:
bring the umbrella always with you,
run straight and “dry” towards your shiny goals!

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